Notes for the Law Society Debate: “Resolved: that over-the-top services should not be regulated under the Broadcasting Act”

A debate was held at the Entertainment and Media Law tutorial at the Law Society in Toronto on April 30, 2015. This is my PowerPoint deck from which I spoke.


“Remarks to the British Columbia Broadband Conference”, May 23, 2012, Richmond, B.C.

An overview of what the CRTC is doing in relation to the Internet, including access by smaller ISPs to wholesale services

“On Usage Based Billing”A short poem on a vexing issue (October 2011), whose doggerel-like nature contrasts greatly with Alexander Pope, Dryden, and their ilk.

Customer-Owned IP Networks in Canada” 

A speech I gave in Fukuoka, Honshu, Japan at the invitation of the Institute for the Hyperlinked Society, on February 23, 2001. Many thanks to Prof. Shumpei Kumon, Izumi Aizu and Bill St. Arnaud for making this possible.

Telephony is Dead” 

A talk to a conference in Sydney, Australia called “The Hidden Costs of Internet Charging”, sponsored by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. I outline why the job of regulators has changed in the Internet era, and why it is still relevant. (November, 1999)

Does the Broadcast Industry Need a New Regulatory Model

A talk I gave to the Canadian Institute’s “Canadian Cable, Satellite and Broadcasting Congress” in Toronto on June 23, 1998

Notes for an address to the Canadian Bar Association (Ontario), “The Liabilities of Internet Service Providers — and what we plan to do about them”, November 7, 1996 (43 KB) 

Speeches by Others

Freedom of Speech and Privacy in the Information Age” by the Hon. Mr. Justice John Sopinka, Supreme Court of Canada at the COGEL Conference, Calgary, AB, Sept. 15, 1997 

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