Articles and Letters by Timothy Denton



"Dictators could rule the Internet" - combatting the infinite nonsense in the US about net neutrality and traffic management. February 2015

"The True Faith of Internet Governance: Statism finds its Champion", February 3, 2015, published originally on

"Why I like Predictable Driving (and what this has to do with Alternate Roots)", October 9, 2001

"Third Party Access to Cable Modems in Canada", by François Ménard in collaboration with Timothy Denton, October 8, 1999

What does interconnection mean in an Internet world? What are the functions of the regulators of telephony, as telephony becomes obsolete?


"The Broadband Task Force Report Votes for the Internet", by Timothy Denton and François Ménard, June 20, 2001

An op-ed piece for the Ottawa Citizen on why the Federal Task Force Report on Broadband should be congratulated for its recommendations on open third-party access. The Internet model prevails.