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Appearance before the CRTC Review of Mobile Wireless Services 2019-57



  • I represented the Internet Society Canada Chapter before the CRTC in the review of mobile wireless services, February 25, 2020, together with Matt Gamble, a Director of the ISCC. We made the case for MVNOs as sources of permissionless innovation. "If facilities-based competition were the answer, we would already have it in Canada". 
  • The biggest thing determining the outcome of regulatory hearings or any other kind of process is not the evidence, but the filters – the axioms, really - through which the evidence is filtered. In this case, and for many years, the belief has been propagated that the only effective form of competition is based upon an end-to-end ownership of facilities, from cell towers through backhauls to central switches. 
  • Disapproving of MVNOs because they do not own their radio access networks is akin to disapproving of car rental companies because they do not manufacture their own cars. 

The link takes you to the CPAC record of the presentation.



  •  I spoke at the "Rebooting Canada’s Communications Legislation" conference held in Ottawa on May 22-23, 2015, which was sponsored by the Forum for Research and Policy in Communications (FRPC) and the University of Ottawa’s Centre on Governance.

My portion may be found in this CPAC video, starting at the 22:00 mark and concludes at 28:00.Timothy Denton's Appearance at "Rebooting Canada’s Communications Legislation"

Interview: Netflix versus the CRTC

From my appearance on the September 23, 2014 edition of CTV's "Power Play".

Canadian Internet Forum panel on Internet governance

I appeared on this panel along with Heather Dryden, Industry Canada; Michael Geist, University of Ottawa; Sylvie LaPerrière; Google Inc.; and Mark Raymond, CIGI.

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